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floating gently in the breeze with, flashing, jumping.
"Bang bang bang." Splendid fireworks exploding over the signal in the Yang, releasing the beautiful color.
Standing mountain, saw the library on Okinawa hardwood signal, the outline of mouth from high up, a hint of a smile appeared.
"Does not cost a single soldier." Ouyang Yu Fei heart started to beat fan, called a brilliant smile, called an excited.
"High, really high." Glanced at the sky signal, Ouyang Yu Fei turned head-on high sulfur thumbs-up.
"Flattering." Okinawa bear behind on his hands, very lightly.
However, under that lightly, but it is absolutely self-confidence.
Ouyang Yu Fei Seeing more and more the deep eyes of laughter,shox sko, and restore self-confidence of sulfur month, it seems that such a pleasure to watch.
May use the word bad, but is this feeling.
One city to be flooded with water, which requires the amount of water is not taken lightly.
A mouth not explode, you can completely do.
Moreover, you really want to drown the people the soldiers at the expense of a city, it is too cruel.
Mica exploded River water gap,nike elite platinum socks, enough to drown Yang.
However, this month in the eyes of Okinawa is not important.
To rumors in the guide and improve the people fear the idea, which further enhances this fact and intensity of flooding.
In looking at the water pouring down the moment.
The worst kind of thing, a person will be entrenched in the minds of any, which evolved into a powerful force.
This is the most important.
Public opinion and gossip, sometimes with the good.
That is the strongest weapon.
Clearly, well versed in the road on Okinawa.
You see, it is not broke Yang himself, does not cost a single soldier.
Sun sparkle gold, sulfur months back as a soldier behind a Che Xuan Yuan.
Two eyes flash the same smile.
Two-pronged approach, this world who can wipe the cutting edge.
Yang and broken, broken without any suspense,nike shox sko, without any breaking of the intensity.
Under the golden light, that the tide receded, the black flag at the North Mu Wang Yang over the fly, God Wei Hehe.
Yang Mu occupies the entire northern fortress.
All the city people and hundreds of thousands of Hun soldiers, Guixiang.
This is from the side a little.
This fortress built even if the turtle is generally bulletproof, no trace of the mouth can lower the gap, to lose or to lose.
Wisdom is always better than the intensity of the tortoiseshell.
Summer colors flying, the more hot the summer.
This sits Hun Yang lost the entire eastern fortress.
Yang behind a dozen city, and immediately exposed to the north,nike norge, animal husbandry, the eyes of hundreds of thousands of troops and horses.
Led his army on, take advantage of its success, aggressive.
North, animal husbandry, an absolute sharp offensive towards the hinterland of the Huns to kill.
This fortress stopping sulfur Yang led the North on animal husbandry horses.
What barriers are not a dozen eastern cities, what can.
With Regulus Che's decision to seek off, there is the rage on Okinawa decisive.
Hundreds of thousands of troops north, animal husbandry, like wings of the Tigers, not strong strong.
In this hot season of the fire, swept in front of all the forces.
All the way towards the direction of the Huns attack to Mukden.
The Xuan Yuan Che and Okinawa in March of the Huns to kill fast, and invincible,cheap toms, when the Central Plains of Snow St. Cloud is proud dire.
Although gold does not arrive after the snow horses and proud of St. Cloud, but not bad.
Together with the deep snow Island St. Cloud State and proud country, it is that does not fall under the wind, and even prevailed.
Because the island nine holy offerings means too much.
Island with a lot of deep things.
Some things to use on the battlefield, that mass destruction is amazing.
St. Cloud and snow country proud even in strong,nike free sko, even in Tokgo night and Yunzhao can command and together, the face of this attack the, and only retreat.
Snow St. Vincent Palace.
"Defeated in the city,nike free run, was captured after the gold."
Yun Zhao looked at the hands of the 800 in rush, and his face is very heavy,shox sko, very serious.
Heralds of the coming general head down, almost afraid to speak.
Yu Shu room was dead.
"Troop movements back to power the city, informed Tokgo night, I quoted from the front from his rear containment."
Silent half the day,nike sko norge, Yun Zhao suddenly closed the hands of the news, the cold sound of that channel.
"Yes." Yunzhao front of the general listening to words, immediately to be a cry, and turned quickly to run down.
"Prince, this is the message came from Tianchen." See the military has been arranged almost Yunzhao Guards around out side received IP Messenger.
Yunzhao immediately raised his head to listen to words, then hand over.
Quick start to look, Yunzhao naked eye disorder string, the whole clenched teeth.
"No, no, Well you Xuanyuan Che, Che also you a Regulus."
Teeth, then almost choke from the teeth out, Yun Zhao moment face distorted,toms sale, hideous to the extreme.
Spy sent to live up to his Tianchen expectations, torn Tianchen and snow St. Vincent's face, forcing the Spirit broke open a coffin.
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