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Talk wood heart
  Wood heart, autonym Sun Pu is livinged to black town in Zhejiang on February 14, 1927 and settle down New York in 1982.He studies, painting, writing, he signs a group of artists like Wei,etcs for history Chen and Cao to have a class in New York and speaks that literary history in the world spoke for five years.
  From 2006, recommend at history Chen under, the work of wood heart can continuously meet with mainland reader and study boundary even will be called "wood heart year" in 2006.On December 21, 2011, the wood heart is died to a black town, over 100 young readers from everywhere rush through, expressed grief.
  At the end of 2012, the wood heart passes away one anniversary moment, history Chen is public the wood heart of 18 year agos handout, and will he the five greatest this noteses while listenning to lesson in New York record into a computer one by one and hand over Normal University publisher in Guangxi and release over 《literature memoirs 》 of thousand pages.Recently, the publisher releases 《the wood heart is particularly in remembrance of number 》 again, cent of"particularly number" top medium next three Jises.Some newspapers and magazineses also connect the work that publishes wood heart of a tired Du ground and carry on concentration to report to him.There are medium being called wood heart"the literature master being forgotten".
  Meanwhile, also have scholar think wood heart of pure is history Chen to wishfully recommend a result, the literature of its work is worth of having no say so superbly, even think his to communicate officially flow cloth a kind of"sour Fu" spirit.Actually the literature of wood heart is worth of how?Why are we discussing wood heart today?What are we talking when we discuss wood heart?
  Once evaluated Gao to the wood heart now
  Sheep city evening newspaper:Introduce according to history Chen, wood Mr. Xin starts writing, is 45 in last century, resume an intensive writing, in 89.He says the wood heart"may be our the only a literature author whom integrity links up classic Chinese language tradition and 54 traditions for ages".Do you agree this parlance?
  Zhang Ning:Was worth of to see from the literature, I thought now to the evaluation of wood heart is lead tall.History Chen's the evaluation to the wood heart should have a boundary.Is only from language of angle to see, can say so.But change an author, it is classic to appear in work and the vocabulary and knowledge of the modern, also completely can.Integrate into classic knowledge main factor in the contemporary thing now, this sees from the writing and the vocabulary level.
  But from the literature point of view, the writing of wood heart certainly has no "link up a thou now" high position."Literature" contains the request of its oneself, "language" however is directly presenting of"literature" form.The performance dint of the language is surely important, but language structure, recount a structure relationship with of meaning system, is the important dimensions of literature evaluation.The wood heart is a painter to be from, the humanities cultivated manners is as quite good as the historiography Zhe achievement bottom, but this doesn't have inevitable relation with literature, can not say humanities cultivated manners good, the literature creations must be very good.
  Sheep city evening newspaper:The person of in an interesting condition joys wood heart thinks that his magic power lies in his "from become a ", he too special.Even there is still a standpoint thinking, say that we all don't match to read wood heart.Do you think that the literature of wood heart is worth of where? Zhang Ning:The prose of wood heart gathers, the collection of poems, novel gathered me to mostly once see.Is better of like 《Qiong beautiful card with want to record 》 , also Be just the thing that is some with the feeling record type.Lu fast 《hot breeze 》 is to record and have very strong total and aim at sex with the feeling and wake citizen up from the angle of the civilization judgment and the social critique, is modern enlighten of the strong note in the orotund system.Wood heart of with want the characteristics for recording, is the expression that the life in super time feels, bring of advantage BE, he creates the reader in ages to feel quite good, the young man reads to come to also feel to read today.His with want to have to be a lot of to say to the first wise wise men standpoints turnings and piecemeal order to review, 1:00 of turning of Nietzsche, receive a turning of farmland 1:00, is like "the string burns" of the life Wu these together, "the string burns" of celebrity's standpoint.Is this kind of string of to burn to plus his clearer and clean writing again, the reader is very quick apprehensibility with accept.Therefore he has readability, there is market, but this doesn't represent he have much tall of literature value.The work of wood heart can not satisfy to read a request slightly tall reader to the literature.
  The tactful in his verse, clever, the humor still have a little lovely.However his verse and his record with the feeling very alike, as a result is "with the feeling" of the branch office, Be different from verse.
  Sheep city evening newspaper:What about his novel?There is the novel"the Jiao crumples to build to be no one's flavor" that the contemporary novelist comments on wood heart on the tiny Bo.
  Zhang Ning:Take 《Wen Sha cemetery diary 》 to say, can not calculate novel, can be regarded as "story".Story(story) and novel(novel) are two concepts;The former is a very ancient text, the latter is a kind of modern literary style.The novel of the wood heart basic and photogenic story.But and"story" of standard again different, there are a lot of sentiment compositions, oneself jumps out of time more, is different from the person whom tells a story.The shape of current story, and then have prose style of writing;Since not is a modern novel, also isn't a traditional story, isn't a standard prose again, I can call it as "close-up".
  Is total to come to say, the wood heart isn't good at long verse, also be not good at long novel, excel most of still with the feeling, but when his individual excessively jumps out discussion let people a little bit disgust.A writer is in the process of expressing in pay attention to ego too much, seem to want each vocabulary, each words, all become a string of necklace, hang on the oneself's neck.
  The writing of wood heart has a little "old delightfully fresh"s
  Sheep city evening newspaper:You before mention the writing of wood heart's being still quite good, do you think what characteristics his language has?
  Zhang Ning:Remarkable BE, his language has no since 1949 other Chinese writers be subjected to of the influence for politicizing.Why will the contemporary and young reader like wood heart, this writing?Because see many"red classic", also have those over the writing of strong consciousness appearance and political color, meet the writing that turns to consciousness appearance, read on the contrary very comfortable.These several years Taiwanese writer's work is more popular in the mainland, for example the white is first brave, astronomy, Zhu Tian Xin, even the beard orchid becomes, mainland reader feels the work like this is fresh, the inside didn't politicize of thing, draw on a reader is also reasonable.
  Sheep city evening newspaper:In fact wood heart of suit to upload to sow in the tiny Bo very much with the feeling, short and small, clever, the reader likes him and modern of spread medium to have a relation?
  Zhang Ning:Now popular"small delightfully fresh"s, the wood heart has a little "old delightfully fresh"s.Small delightfully fresh characteristics BE, directly face thing to discuss, not carry on total confidence history grain and humanities environment of place to the thing.See a liberal flower for example, traditional realismly write a method, is an environment first of depiction, then write this flower.But small delightfully fresh BE, there are no history background and social milieu, go straight to this flower.For example this flower blossoms really beautifully and takes off to go home to put in the vase, then I went to bed and waked up and discovered that water did on the second day, the flower died, I cry in a great messly.The destiny of flower became history affairs, but didn't tell you the situation that spends in the history background and the social milieu.
  The small delightfully fresh and the most typical characteristics BE, the moment feels the history of thing.The Japanese calls "thing Ai".Looking at a plum flower to brightly open on the treetop, fall on the ground, turn into mud, this is the floral history, avoided the confidence to the history environment and the social background.The thing of wood heart contains flavor like this, his casual literary note can be called "old delightfully fresh"s.The social milieu of place was related when"old delightfully fresh"s and some time were light, being the small cloth Er of big Shanghai Joe was second to live.
  In fact wood heart this kind of is small clever also quite good, is like a breeze bell, the dingdong makes to ring, very pleasing, but"the wood Duo gold voice" just makes people shocking of, isn't the jingle of breeze bell.
  History Chen excessively worshiped to say an outside professional jargon
  Sheep city evening newspaperiscussing the wood heart has to speak of history Chen, always is that he is sparing no effort a ground of recommendation wood heart.
  Zhang Ning:We not to guess this back of motive, for example the teachers and the students' friendship what of.Practical and realistically see a work, history Chen worships the writing of wood heart, this is all right.In addition to read the Lu is fast those are serious, the writing of cold Jun, read wood heart this kind of soft but light writing can be also.But, from worship wood heart, become to think that the wood heart is a literature a master and have a problem.
  Sheep city evening newspaper:This makes me think of Dong Qiao.Is to say first, you must read Dong Qiao;Then BE, you not necessarily need to read Dong Qiao;Again then BE, you don't definitely read Dong Qiao.Now we discuss literature, whether all specially like to hold to kill and stick kill?
  Zhang Ning:This may be the publisher for attaining the parlance of publicizeeing the effect.We the person this age may relatively fall overboard for the affair of paying attention to the short time segment, is also "affairs".Calling of China Times segment"situation", long time segment of is "history".We discuss a problem, pay attention to the effect in the different time.
  Is the publication news of the short time segment affairs, attain of vogue reading effect.But don't be eager to becoming the thing of China Times segment or long time segment to this thing.The vogue reading wants to put into literary history, that certainly has to be very careful.Musting read to understand and don't definitely read is so-and-so some, all of these are just the news affairses.
  Sheep city evening newspaper:Many people of tiny Bo forward the video frequency that history Chen accepts an interview before the son, there is writer description concerning literature containing different opinion, even being a penetrating criticism in the video frequency to him.He says he didn't read novel after getting to certain age, because no longer need novel to provide experience.
  Zhang Ning:The parlance concerning novel reading of history Chen is incorrect.He is a painter, there are good art felling and humanities cultivated manners, also correct in the viewpoint of big matter of principle.Estimate that he didn't do too many preparation while accepting an interview, he discussed reading, particularly literature reading, isn't a literature expert is talking, more talk from the general reader's angle, even is the sharp that the artist should have in him, be also missing in this dialogue.
  The literature delivers of not only is experience, inform experience even is next in importance.The literature that is real isn't to tell a story, not necessarily deliver experience, more important wake you up bad dead of experience.A person lives more longly, his experience is been more high by the possibility of calcify, an important function of literature art work is to"awaken", the Jiang that activated your calcify afresh died of experience.
  Even will appear to have in the literature work realistic nothing important the logic can talk of experience.Can say that living is 4510 years old, the many people livings experience, can no longer read a literature work?
  The talking not- professional topic is easily wrong
  Sheep city evening newspaper:History Chen is a public person to contain one large numbers of cellophane noodles, though he has already lost to the viewpoint of literature one-sided, still keep having large numbers of young men to all make track for him, believe his personal status.
  Zhang Ning:When he becomes public person and usually bares in the public in front, very easily wrong.Public this community is also very huge, include the professional of each realm at the same time, when these people take professional knowledge background and see you as how the public person discuss a certain professional problem, will discover loophole.The public person can appear in the public realm in the studio, while discussing the topic of oneself not- professional realm very easily wrong.
  Compare to everyone rounds view a monkey in the park, the monkey artistic skill is numb benefit, catch cootie a catch one quasi-.When rounding the person of view is more and more, monkey beginning excitement, turn over fall, but on turning over fall, the monkey bottom peeps out come.
  Sheep city evening newspaper:Why so do the many young men like history Chen?
  Zhang Ning:Because history Chen speaks common sense.We developed a lot of so-called"elite"s in each realm, but neglected common sense, even abnormal know.He speaks common sense speaks betterly, very vivid.This is also me pretty good reason is to his impression.But we just discussed a lot of topics, still Tanwen learns a professional problem.So will feel that he has loophole, but common sense problem he is to speak quite goodly.
  Sheep city evening newspaper:Very tricky BE, he with speak common sense but be liked by the public to become public person, but he recommends wood heart in the literature realm, and gets very many readers now of approbation.
  Zhang Ningublic demand tutor, the public person is a public tutor.Use an excellent brain, act for numerous brains to carry on a thinking, judgment, choice, the cost is opposite and lower.But there is also problem, that is us top is about.I pour to hope our goal of educations and want to develop to be numerous can independently consider, judge, the brain of choice, not an all-powerful brain.
  Argument heart wood
  Don't result in the literary absolute being to the wood heart
  @Chen Hao Pofamous poet, publish a person)I the verse that once read wood heart, feeling should say 2.1, the verse of wood heart, the literature style isn't high, too scholar.2, the scholar spirit, and brilliant scholar spirit...etc. are a literary natural enemy, don't  be the literature to the scholar, don't wear full-length gown for literature.3, vigilance scholar interest, watch out for interest to turn, should is a literary common sense.4, Mr. history Chen is in much realm achievement Zhuo Zhao, but to literature of appreciate, the scholar interest is over-weight.All of scholar spirit and rascal spirits aren't that high character literatures, all essentially is the performance of literature spirit impurity, speak from a certain degree, even can be treated as one thing, was all thing out of the literature to have the last breeze.
  @Travel extensively grain soncollege of arts in University of Hubei professor, the Doctor give birth to gorgeous Ping of tutor's beam) Agree.Don't result in the literary absolute being kind to the wood heart.Once read the book of wood heart, some knowledges, brilliant scholar spirit, scholar spirit heavy, the literature flavor is thin.Literary history academic chair especially Japanese literature, there is also the mistake of knowledge very strange, the history Sir publishes why didn't check, edit also didn't check?
  @Chen Yin in Shenzhenspecial area in Shenzhen reports an editor-in-chief)It is absolute to agree.Wood heart, and Dong Qiao...etc. is all the way, don't like.
  Can not spare no one scholar brilliant scholar
  @Moon Lee(columnist):Seriously different idea.1, the main achievement of the wood heart is not in the verse, so not the once reads verse, descend completely of conclusion, otherwise compared to my to once see your photograph, say that your personal character isn't very similar.2, if the scholar spirit, brilliant scholar spirit is a literary natural enemy, that what is a literary friend?This society already sufficient utility sufficient customs, still want to spare no one the scholar and the brilliant scholar now, don't take such.
  @The Gu mountain crane stationpublish a person clock Gao Yuan)The standpoint that cans not agrees against principle Mr. Chen Hao Po anotherly didn't say, the scholar spirit was the independence character that goes to scholar, is at that moment exactly a literature field the imperfection, need complementary"calcium slice".Mr. history Chen's eyesight is original.
  @Xu Jiang Wei Bo(writer, poet and critic):I to this writer Lu's viewpoint BE:Brought Chinese language fine of abundant, but build absolute being need not.