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"Pooh! kind you kill us, we will not let you play a trick!"
"Lin Fei, you wait, we will revenge!"
"Beast, but also to my sister!"
I sit looking at them, does not even mind the gas, at this moment, who is in not important, important is that I won, I was the final winner!
"Well, let alone be so nice, Dan Geun Yun Hua gone, your six,nike elite socks 2.0, and my heart do not itch it? Maybe deep down, looking forward to her dead on the outside, never go back, right? Throne Well, who do not want, I can understand you, really, I mean really,nike free sko, you do not believe ah! "
Yanba, I looked at their faces, there has been shock,nike free sko, grief and panic look more smug smile, "You think he is wise Queen, thinking to control everything, this is fatal to her, she There are the direct cause of today's end from now on, you are the geese on the city's people, and law-abiding innocent person, the coming days, certainly not bad to go, okay? "
I speak six women have been intimidated, and looked at each other, for a time, all obediently closed his mouth.

?One hundred and ten captured (below)
?"Humph!" Jiang Yi Yuan laughing, whispered laugh, he forgot about his own very funny way now, a head pigtail, also accompanied by a smoky makeup, laughable person!
At this time, the influx of dozens of geese Dianwai city brawny, lead one to Su Yan Feng bowed: "Soviet law enforcement, we have control of the entire palace."
"Well, to be deputy lord palace, east female country ceased to exist, one thousand nine Chitose Chitose Highness!" Su Yan Feng Gao Yang Zhaotou, lofty places shouted slogans.
"Nine one thousand Chitose Chitose Highness!" Public house soldiers thunderous applause, Sarkozy held weapons roared.
I went to the far side Jiang Yi, laughing with cotton, "Master, when will you teach me magic ah? First taught me to set the body surgery, OK? Yufeng surgery is also good, you have what powerful? There is no kind of drastic change live people ah? "
"What?" Yi Jiang far would have been grinning, listened to me, Dailiaoyixia, "you say? Change what?"
"Pretend to be stupid?" I squint severely pinched his arm one, suddenly remembered Yang Qing, then took the opportunity to ask, "Yes,nike free run, you will not Xianbei words?"
"Xianbei words? I will not!" Jiang Yi Yuan white at me, her hips look to elsewhere.
Cut! The amount you will not, in addition to magic is simply nothing Well, that expertise is useless! So next month,nike shox sko, first day, I do not see a good fix you!
Positive thinking, and from the hall door came a lot of people,nike free sko, led by Yang Qing really flirtatious small, then with the Shen Yun Pathetic elegant, solemn silence Qiufeng Wu, Yuan also gentle and quiet dust.
Oh, are in attendance, the destruction of Eastern female country plans to our victory, joined forces and successfully ended! Ouye!
"Vice Santo, you have come?" I rushed to meet her and Yang Qing Meng ogle.
"Hey? How do you come back?" Yang Qing-shocked, a pair of beautiful eyes blink incessantly.
"How do I go,nike free run, just how will come, thank you to abandon the way of grace!" I barbed language, and his long red Zuo Yi.
Yang Qing also learned I crooked smile,nike norge, held out his hand used to pinch me in the face, the side of the sink was stopped with the cloud.
"Vice Santo, dispose of these people bear." Shen Yun with frowning, not afraid of death and looked Yang Qing, "something else, later meeting."
Yang Qing staring at him askance, coldly: "Well,toms sale, say law enforcement is a large dragon." He finished,sko på nett, turned around to see Yi Jiang far, can not help but suspicion authentic, "You are who?"
"I? I was far ah Jiang Yi, vice lord you do not know me?"
Ha ha ha! Die, my stomach, ah, sore sore! A sore, I decided to seal your city for the first white geese, Xiang's seat give you!
"You are far Plaza?" See me laughing more than Yang Qing, Jiang Yi understand so far become the initiator of what I, rustic suspect glanced at me.
Is this "in a cordial atmosphere, happy family moment," a screaming sound, suddenly sounded. I subconsciously looked, we saw kneeling on the ground jumped up Lin ferocious side, the hands do not know when, shining more than a two-edged dagger.
"Lin Fei, I die with you!"
Hey? She was not horde it? How can you move?
I am shocked to Zheng Zhu, and because this is all just grabbing what happened, I have no time to dodge, parry too late to pull off the situation, but too late Hallelujah. Only the absence of effort, Lin Fang has been erratic and generally like ghosts to, bloodshot eye, in front of me quickly zoom.
Then, Yang Qing is beside me, threw himself in front of my block, "pop" is heard, tools and try dagger from his shoulder filed out, the surge of hot blood, sprayed my face.
Xue Wu through the red, I saw a smile up Yang Qing, Nama smile, a happy and cheerful bitter.
"Silly, I actually forget that you wear a unicorn! Now, you can say that sentence I listened to it?"
As if my heart stopped beating, his mouth open not say a word, there is a red liquid fall from my eyes sadly, it is his blood, or my tears?
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